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Council’s view – Licence Conditions

As mentioned above, the Council have imposed a series of Licence conditions that the Landlord must meet. Some of these conditions are listed below, whilst you can read more by clicking here.

  • Inspection – Landlords must inspect their properties at least once every six months and keep records
  • References – Tenants must now provide references
  • Locks – The main escape route (usually the front door) must be fitted with a thumb turn mortice lock (or equivalent)

Landlord’s view – Licence Conditions

Landlord’s argue the following:

  • Inspection – Not all tenants want to be regularly inspected by their landlord
  • References – Some tenants (e.g. Housing Benefit tenants) are unable to provide references and therefore are now unable to move property
  • Locks – Not all tenants would like a thumb turn mortice lock as this e.g. makes it easier for children to leave the house unsupervised or burglars breaking in from a window can now leave the house through the front door

Next steps… voice your opinion

Do you agree or disagree with the scheme? We recommend the following advice below.

Advice for tenants:

  • Contact your landlord to see if you are affected by selective licensing
  • Ask if you are going to be getting a rent increase
  • Voice your opinion with the Nottingham City Council

Advice for landlords:

  • Continue researching Selective Licensing
  • Prepare yourself for upcoming applications for each of your properties & the associated costs
  • Voice your opinion with the Nottingham City Council



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